Sensory analysis is key for the automotive industry. Vehicle components are always associated with shapes, colors and textures. So the focus must be on the consumer and analyse how the product is valued.


Marketing can help your product become known, thus increasing sales. But the product will compete not only on popularity, it is the quality of the product that will keep it in the market. So knowing the influential attributes and how consumers perceive them is an essential part.


What does it matter if your designs are the market trend by far, if you don't have colours, tones, or if they don't fit well, or if the colour doesn't last, or if it is not pleasant to the touch, or the smell is strange. Today the consumer has a wide variety to choose from and will undoubtedly be loyal to products that are pleasant or that adapt to their needs.


You must ensure that the product is standard. Once you have achieved the sensory quality that the consumer likes the most, you must ensure through batch control that it doesn't vary. Changes in the products, even if they are for the better, are evaluated by the consumer as a drop in product quality.


Keys to success

  • Management of projects
  • Management of products
  • Management attributes
  • Management of batches
  • Management surveys
  • Management of users
  • Export the answers to the surveys
  • Analyse answers with statistical techniques
  • Obtain interactive graphs of the results obtained with statistical techniques.
  • Export the graphs to images to be included in words, ppt,...